Fox Samples — The Pianist Hip Hop Edition


The Pianist – Hip Hop Edition от Fox samples является продолжением успешной серии “пианист”, но на этот раз с изюминкой: мы отдали наших профессиональных пианистов 10 Хип-Хоп/RnB удара барабана, на вершине которой они должны были придумать красивые мелодии, которые бы прекрасно сочетаются с ощущением ритма.

“The Pianist – Hip Hop Edition” from Fox samples is the continuation of the successful series “The Pianist”, but this time with a twist: We gave our professional piano players 10 Hip Hop/Rnb Drum grooves on top of which they had to come up with beautiful melodies that would blend perfectly with the feel of the rhythm. We kept the best 5 melodies on each groove, totaling 50 hooks in WAV, and also with the MIDI, in case you decide to replace or layer the sound of the Steinway Grand piano.
And if you like the hard banging drums, all drum grooves are also included in the pack!

This 1GB library is categorized in
10 Construction kits, inside each you have 3 folders:
-Drums (Mastered Full mix and Separate tracks of each drum sound)
-pianos (5 melodies in WAV and MIDI with tempo and key)
-Full Mixes (Mastered mix of the 5 piano melodies with the Drum groove)

1- Midi Files
2- Standard/Acidized WAVs at 24 bit
3- All loop tempos and keys
4- 1GB of content
5- 100% Royalty Free

Издатель: Fox Samples
Сайт: Fox Samples
Формат: WAV, MIDI
Качество: 24 bit | 44.1 kHz | stereo
Размер: 943.9 MB

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