ART Pyrite v1.0


ART Pyrite — это бесплатный и довольно мощный атмосферный синтезатор.

ART Pyrite имеет широкий спектр разных звуков, подходящих для всех музыкальных стилей включая Музыку NewAge и Movie Music. Это создает уникальную переменную Atmospheres, Soundscapes, Pads, Textures, Ambient, Sound Effects & Rhythmic и Мелодичные Последовательности.

2 analog-style oscillators featuring 22 waveforms.
2 digital-PCM oscillators powered by 30 (256 in full version) different waveforms in 2 internal source banks.
2 filters — 24db Lowpass and 12db Low/Highpass selectable.
2 amplitude ADSR-style envelope generators.
2 filter ADSR-style envelope generators.
1 16-step polyphonic sequencer with Random button of Volume level (BPM syncable or manually).
2 LFO with 3 amounts routed to nine different destinations (BPM syncable or manually).
1 Sample & Hold with 3 amounts routed to nine different destinations (BPM syncable or manually).
1 vLFO for very low frequency modulations (BPM syncable or manually).
1 specially modulated droning chorus for the digital-PCM oscillators (9 modes).
1 synced Cross-Stereo-Delay with feedback modulated by vLFO, LFO1, S&H or manually.
Reverb unit.
The possibility to load external SF2 files into digital-PCM oscillators.
MIDI Learn/CC Edit for most control elements.
Inbuilt MIDI CC/Value displays and Bank/Preset Manager.
12 voices polyphony.
Low CPU usage.
Straightforward and readable UI — all control elements are on a single screen. Suitable for monitors with higher resolutions.
3 preset banks sorted to sound categories: Atmosphere-Pad, Atmosphere-Ambient-FX, Atmosphere-Melody-Rhythm.
32 presets (+400 in full version).